MVCI Clash of The Stones Season 10 PS4 Online Tournament #10 6/10/23 7pm EST


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Prize Pool

Prize Pool


Entry Fee

Entry Fee


Start Time

Tournament Starts

Tournament Format


Double elimination



Playstation 4

Number of participants

Registered Participants

7 Participants

Players per Team

Players per Team

1 Players

Prize Places

1st - $0 (60%)
2nd - $0 (30%)
3rd - $0 (10%)

Tournament Organizer

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Tournament Rules

• Double Elimination


  • LAN Cable Only

• FT3 set (Best 3 out of 5) Winner advances, loser goes to losers bracket. If opponent lose in losers they’re eliminated.

• In Grand Finals loser must win two sets, FT3 set (Best 3 out of 5) winner must win 1 to win tournament.

• You may change teams and stones after any lose. Winners keep their team and stone.

Don’t stream if you are playing in the tournament. It will cost lag issues, etc

Collusion: In the event of players are found colluding or purposely performing at lower than potential and influencing tournament results. UG will follow strikes policy via judges evaluation.

1st Strike: Players will be given a verbal warning and will not acquire any points for the tournament

2nd Strike: Players will no longer be a part of able to complete at any UG events. All the points that was earned during this event will be voided